The history of Armenia is a difficult one to reconstruct due to several reasons. The vast majority of historical evidence has been destroyed or lost during numerous invasions and natural disasters. Further, the modern political division of historical Armenia among neighbouring states has made archival, archaeological, and genetic research a sensitive and often difficult task.

Though most of historical Armenian provinces were forcibly depopulated during the last few centuries, fortunately, the descendants of these refugees retain in their genes the nonperishable information providing the possibility of reconstructing the genetic legacy of their ancestors.

Here we present the first ever attempt to create a Genetic Map of historical Armenia that reproduces the rich spatial mosaic of the Armenian gene pool, having originated and flourished during several millennia in the expanse of the Armenian Highland.

Over subsequent generations, we face the irreversible threat of erasure of our genealogical memory from where our ancestors came from. Therefore, we consider this endeavour as an exceptional opportunity to anchor the ancestral legacy of Armenians, thus creating a permanent "Genetic Memoirs".